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This is a texture woollen carded batt with Dyed Shetland fleece, dyed […]

Had a great morning teaching spinning at Powell River’s  Urban Homestead workshop. […]


Welcome to Ewesful!

I am a fibre crafter and sheep farmer located at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. I have been spinning on and off for almost 40 years. Most of the fibre I work with comes from our mixed flock of heritage and heritage cross sheep at Many Hats Farm. I love to dye my fleeces with colours inspired by this area’s rich flora and the sometimes stunning, sometimes subtle plumage of the farm’s rare poultry.

I could not sheep farm without the help of my fabulous herding dog, Gwynn, so her exploits will be documented in this blog too. She is a Bearded Collie with plenty of the breed’s sheep herding instinct. Sadly she has a heart condition, so is showing the boy Murdoch the ropes.

My sheep live at Many Hats Farm where we try to balance the need to eat lamb and herd sheep with my fibre obsession. Since we are not  a production farm, we can select for slower growing fabulously wooly sheep. Since we are also herding, we are happier with smaller sheep. 

As this blog evolves I’ll be writing about current craft projects, what we have upcoming at the local market, and what is going on on the farm. I would love to hear back from you about your own spinning, herding, and farming experiences, especially if you have heritage or rare farm animals.

Cheers, Valerie Ann

2 Responses to Introduction

  1. Valerie Ann says:

    I am experiencing some beginner’s kinks with the website. My beautiful app for my iPad is having trouble uploading images. I’m hoping to have a section on What is on my Needles and What is just out of the dye bath. Right now my new posts are sitting in my iPad as drafts. I’m being distracted by my new camera, still in the shopping bag, demanding my attention. I will have a section on product photography with links to useful websites and my perspectives about what works for fibre and yarn. Wait?….my camera is telling me that unless I unpack her and get to know her, there will be no product photography, so Gotta Run!

  2. Valerie Ann says:

    At the end of the Open Air Farmer’s Market, i had no plans to attend the Winter Market at the CRC. Starting this week, though, that’s where I will be. Saturday mornings, 10:30 to 12:30. I don’t have quite the same room to spread out my wares, so will bring a selection of yarns and my basket of “Minerva” dyed fleece.

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