On My Needles

I’ve known how to knit since my Grandmother taught me to make a square for Girl Guides, but I’ve never really felt confident since she passed. If I had problems, dropped stitches, misunderstood pattern, she could always fix it for me.  So since then, knitting has been something I knew how to start, but rarely managed to finish.  That has changed this year. 

When one starts to spin seriously, there’s All This Yarn! and knitting is the easiest portable method I know of to transform yarn into useful stuff.  And there are the podcasts. Knitting and fibre podcasts with happy, ernest folk telling you what is on their needles. At first I though Who Listens to This Stuff? Well, I do. None of the knitters have just one project on the go. Goodbye guilt about starting something and not finishing it right away. They all share the same enthusiasm I have for the potential of a project. It’s like going to a huge international knitting and fibre guild. If you have a couple of unfinished projects and have the guilt monkey sitting on your shoulder, check out a knitting podcast and knit guilt free. 

The podcast that started me off is Knit Spin Farm available in iTunes.

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